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Entirely Online Employment Background Checks with the HireSafe QuickApp

When you access the HireSafe background check portal you step into a world with no paperwork. With our QuickApp™ electronic format the entire background check process is completed online with FCRA compliance. This system is simple and easy to use but how does it all work?

After logging in via the portal on our front page, select a background check package and enter your applicant’s information. Our system will contact the applicant with a secure email so that they can fill out the compliance documents and all the necessary background check information. Having the applicant fill out their personal information and history on their own eliminates transcription errors and ensures a faster more accurate process. The online system also provides the documents necessary for FCRA and State regulation compliance. We ensure our practices are up to date with the latest rules and regulations so you don’t have to.

Once the applicant submits their information and electronic signature the background check progress begins. Depending on your selections this process generally takes between 2 and 3 days. Accurate background checks take time because our experienced staff has to contact multiple sources including the county courts, prior employers and schools. This can take time especially if the applicant has lived in many different counties. For FCRA compliance it’s important that these sources are documented and reliable. Once we receive reports from these sources that information is verified with the applicant’s social security number, birth date and any alias names. That’s one of the main differences between cheap background check services and pre-employment background check services. Only FCRA compliant services verify recovered information to ensure it matches your applicant.
Not only that, but as we conduct applicant research we store copies of every document and note researcher actions as the occur. This ensures all the documents needed for compliance are easily accessible.

Once we collect your applicant’s information we present it to you in an easy to understand format. If you decide not to hire this candidate, the QuickApp™ format includes electronic adverse action documents. These are compliant with state and FCRA regulations.

The entirely online QuickApp™ process is the best way to save your company time and streamline your hiring process. Our industry knowledge shows that both candidates and companies are happier with the more efficient online process. Sign up for one of our most popular background check packages and start making great choices for your company today.

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