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How Can an Applicant Tracking System Affect the Way an Employer Approaches Hiring?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) like Taleo and HireList, to name a couple, create a platform to simply categorically sort through applicants. Instead of sorting through applicants one by one, looking through application after application, seeing unqualified candidate after candidate; ATSs remove that burden to fine the most qualified individuals instantly. ATSs are becoming more and more popular amongst employers with 26% of all organizations using one to manage their hires. While that may seem like a small number, not all businesses require an ATS and determining if its benefits are necessary is important before deciding to utilize one.

1. Determining if your business requires an ATS.

If your organization is finding that the influx of applicants for its positions are becoming overwhelming, it may be time to look for the use of an ATS. An ATS efficiently and most importantly effectively dwindles a large collective pool of candidates to a defined and narrowed list of qualified candidates. If an organizations HR department is finding the number of applicants overwhelming than it is time to consider the use of an ATS.

Conversely, an organization that can sort through applicants without too much exerted efforts should not look to an ATS’s services quite yet. 

2. How does an ATS streamline sorting through applicants?

When a group of applicants are applying for an open position within an organization there are bound to be some who just aren’t up to par. With an ATS there are ways of discarding applicants who don’t meet the application requirements listed on the job opening. For instance, if there is a requirement of at least a Bachelor’s degree on the opening, with an ATS there is a way to show only those candidates with a Bachelor’s degree or higher. This is true for any job qualification like job experience, program competency, special certificates held and more.

3. What other benefits does an ATS provide to an organization?

  • Managers looking over potential new hires have access to up-to-the-minute status updates.
  • Any forms that an organization’s employment background screening services don’t provide are able to be easily handled managed in electronic form.

Without a doubt, hiring is never the same with the use of an ATS in a good way! The ease of use and ability to manage all applicants for existing job openings is something that cannot be beat by any available alternative. If your organization is need of a simplified hiring process it may be time to shop for an Applicant Tracking Service.

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