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How Drug Testing Allows Employers to be More Confident in Their Employees

Drug screening plays a crucial part in hiring for around 70% of all organizations that bring on new employees and it’s no wonder why. Individuals whom abuse drugs are prone to behavior that can jeopardize a business’s efficiency and efficacy in their day-to-day operations. Having an employee whom obtains a DUI, is arrested for drug possession and/or is intoxicated at work all becomes a possibility once that individual is added the payroll. Having drug screening, even in a rudimentary form, can ensure that only quality applicants are found and can increase the confidence an employer has in their work staff.

Having a drug screening policy ensures that at least a few adverse problems won’t be rearing their ugly heads, at least more than likely. If an individual is a not abusing drugs there is a very slim or nonexistent chance that they will be arrested for drug possession, which leads to time missed from work and of course many more issues. This is the same for a DUI, which can pose some severe consequences for an organization if the individual was under the influence while driving on work hours. What this also helps ensure, barring alcohol, is that employees won’t be under the influence of any drug at work; which can pose serious risks when considering the severity of the drug in use.

With an established drug policy, employers have a procedure to maintain a drug free environment and confidence in their newfound employees. Once an applicant has been hired on condition of a successful background check and drug screening all that is required is to select a laboratory for their applicant to leave their specimen. After 2-3 business days at maximum the result should be available to view. 

The result acts as an open view into an applicant’s true character, if the individual was a drug abuser and was hoping the test would not pick up any illicit drugs in their system then they were not a favorable applicant. On the other hand, if the applicant had no trace amounts of drug remnants in their system then their character is something that can meld well with joining the work staff.

Employment background screening and drug testing are not meant to be invasive in an applicant’s privacy. They are to ensure that the base character of an applicant meets the requirements of what an upstanding employee should be. They are a cursory look at the facts of individual’s life and ask these two simple questions. Has the applicant committed severe crimes and are they are a drug abuser? 

Drug screening is an absolutely crucial step in ensuring that an applicant is deserving of an employer’s confidence in their abilities. Having a drug free workforce is positive move forward in creating the efficient and effective staff that propels small companies to large ones. If you’re an employer questioning the need of drug screening for all incoming hires, the answer should be simple, use employment drug screening.

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