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eBook: The How’s, Why’s and Why Not’s of Employment Background Screening

employment background check compliance ebook

FREE Background Check eBook Guide – Compliance

The format of this eBook is simple in that I’ll take you through what comprises a legal and effective employment criminal background check. As a Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) everything that we touch at HireSafe is focused first on our fiduciary responsibility to our client, while always maintaining the rights of the job applicant.

This installment of The How’s, Why’s and Why Not’s of Employment Background Screening specifically addresses compliance with federal hiring, which is not optional.

Hiring has never been so difficult to perform and yet the answers and tools to make informed choices are at our fingertips. Of course I’m referring to Pre‐Employment Background Screening… the right tool to hire the right people. Using this toolkit, small employers have the same leverage as their large counterparts to screen and select the best people available. So what could possibly prevent an employer from effectively utilizing
this valuable service?

Most likely the clutter and noise found in the marketplace seems intimidating. Like most modern shopping experiences, the Internet provides countless screening options. Just like any other profession that is as highly regulated as the screening industry is, there are intimidating laws and regulations that seem to change monthly. Then there’s the list of news articles involving employers being hit with multi‐million dollar judgments that could have been prevented.

Learn More – Get your FREE Employment Background Screening Compliance eBook Guide HERE

Performing the proper level of due diligence during the hiring process will greatly assist in making an informed hiring decision which is crucial to the success of any business venture, small or large.

It’s enough for anybody to get cold feet. But wait, there’s more as the unscrupulous providers selling non-compliant information. Exaggerated claims to provide unrealistic results or to perform employment checks that no‐one will know about! And who’s to know what is legal, what is correct, and what is compliant? If it’s on the Internet then it must be true, right!

If you’re still with me, you obviously care about sustaining and growing your business while doing the morally “right thing” for yourself, your employees and those that live in your community. The sole purpose of this eBook is to distinguish fact from fiction in the Employment Background Screening industry. So what makes this author an authority to speak as to truth or embellishment?

Let’s begin with my introduction. My name is Alfred Firato and I am a licensed CA Private Investigator (CA PI #25313) who launched my screening firm, Data Research Network, Inc., in 1997. We operate under the trade name of HireSafe, which is exactly what we provide. At the time of our founding, the background screening industry was a rather insignificant aspect of the hiring process, often practiced by retired policemen with access to off‐limits records. Unorganized, often illegal and at times morally wrong information was distributed with impunity. The most basic principle of HireSafe was to be different, legal and totally professional. The only hurdle was that there wasn’t a template or cookbook on how to achieve that objective.

That’s why I am qualified, after 19+ years of research and education through earned knowledge, to speak truthfully and candidly.

Learn More – Get your FREE Employment Background Screening Compliance eBook Guide HERE

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