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“Mystery Shopper” Letter and Fraudulent Check Scam Alert!

This week our small office was inundated with calls from all over regarding a letter and check that was sent to many addresses across the states.

The letter stated basically that a “Daniel Gibson” with HireSafe has requested your help and wants you to be a mystery shopper at Walmart. The letter instructs the recipient to cash the check, then send a money order and report their findings. This is a scam. As soon as the money order is sent checks would be canceled and you would be left paying the scammer out of your own pocket.

Let us assure you that HireSafe has no “mystery shopper” program, is not affiliated with Walmart and there is no “Daniel Gibson” on our staff.

The letters have been sent out nationwide utilizing our logo fraudulently and we are not affiliated with anyone mentioned in these letters.

Individuals affected who received the letter via USPS may want to contact the United States Postal Inspector, or the service that delivered the check and letter.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and while we can always be reached via the website and phone number included in the letter for employment background check services, we would rather you just subscribe to our newsletter!

Thank You,

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