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New York State has increased fees for searched through their Office of Court Administration (OCA)

Following the governor’s fiscal year 2020 budget, New York will be increasing the fees associated with conducting a criminal record search in the State. New York was already one of the most expensive states to make a criminal record search in at $65. This budget has increased that fee to $95.

Once the OCA enacts this change, if your background screening candidate has a record in New York, or if we are required to conduct a court search through the OCA, this fee will be charged. 

Additionally, cases that are defined as “undisposed” will no longer be accessible in a criminal record search.

In NY according to S08113, an  “undisposed case” shall mean a criminal action or proceeding identified in the division’s criminal history record repository, for which there is no record of an unexecuted warrant of arrest, superior court warrant of arrest, or bench warrant, and for which no record of conviction or imposition of sentence or other final disposition, other than the issuance of an apparently unexecuted warrant, has been recorded and with respect to which no entry has been in the division’s criminal history records for a period of at least five years preceding the issuance of such report.”

View our list of county court fees here.

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