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Is Your Pre Employment Background Screening FCRA Compliant?

If you’re an employer looking to run background checks on your soon to be employees FCRA compliance is not optional. A blog post by Jana P. Grimm earlier this month highlights the dangers of non-compliance. If your hiring process including employment background screening is not in line with National Labor Relations Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act you are opening yourself up to legal action.

In fact, companies are constantly in the news for FCRA violations. Recently even huge corporations like Uber are being targeted by class action lawsuits and fighting to settle out of court. To avoid costly lawsuits it’s important that you stay on top of the rules and regulations affecting your company, you can even read the entire FCRA here.

The Uber case took place in California where employment screening laws are stricter than most states. Since HireSafe is headquartered in California, we are experienced with FCRA compliance when it comes to employment screening.

Not only that but HireSafe clients benefit from the easy to use and completely online QuickAppTM¬ format by InstascreenTM¬ to request pre-employment screening from applicants. With the QuickAppTM format federal or state disclosure forms relevant to your company and state are directly provided to the candidate. The candidates also submit their electronic signature for approval to ensure they approve the background screening request. If it turns out one of your candidates isn’t who you want for the position, the QuickAppTM format allows you to electronically process the Adverse Action letters and let them know they were not selected.

Our simple online process works great and saves time and paper but if the QuickAppTM doesn’t work for you, we provide the same forms in a PDF format for you to manually distribute to your applicants. It’s important to note that if you do use the paper application, you must attach the completed “Release Authorization Form” when you place your order to remain compliant.

You and your company will be safe if you familiarize yourself with remaining FCRA compliant by utilizing online resources like the ones mentioned above, or by joining our newsletter. With HireSafe and the Instacreen QuickAppTM¬, you can be sure your company is safe from litigation when it comes to pre-employment screening.

Compliant Pre Employment Background Screening

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