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Pre Employment Screening in California Affected by Florida Hurricane

Hurricane Matthew is approaching the Florida coast and today Governor Rick Scott urged residents to evacuate but it isn’t just families running from the storm. County and state courts are closing their doors to keep their employees safe. While you might not have to worry about hurricanes in California, if you’re hiring anywhere, your pre employment screening may still be affected by court closures in other states.

When running an employment background check it’s important to remember that not all your potential hires are locals. Background checks research 7 years into your applicants past including any paroles or court decisions carrying over to those years from earlier convictions. If one of your candidates lived in Florida during that time period, their background check progress could be slowed by court closures this week. Once the storm passes, court employees head back to work and are able to verify court documents. That means that until they return to work, you may experience delays on applicants who lived in that region.

While court closures are rare occurrences they can happen all over for many reasons. For instance, in August strikes in Santa Clara, California caused delays on background checks routed through their system. Holidays, strikes, snow or other inclement weather can cause delays too but don’t worry! HireSafe has you covered and we will update you whenever there is a possibility for delays. Our California based employees don’t have to worry about hurricanes and we work hard to ensure you don’t either. We make sure your employment background checks are completed in a timely manner and that you know of any possible delays.

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