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Retrieving background check information may be getting easier, are you getting the full picture?

Upcoming legislation may make retrieving background check information easier, especially for organizations that must file documentation for full screening of candidates. This affects many organizations that are not fully incorporated, like summer camps that parents are sending their children to as temperatures rise.

A USA Today article describes a recent push by the Senate minority leader for the Child Protection Improvement Act. This act may give summer camps, day cares and various non-governmental organizations more access to screening their employees. While some of these groups can utilize basic criminal background information they are severely limited in the breadth of information they can view. For instance, while some organizations can view criminal background information for their state they are unable to view out of state or FBI database information especially those that deal with finger printing.

Having access to complete background checks that include things like multi state criminal record searches and FBI database checks is life saving for these organizations. The pilot program for changes outlined for the Child Protection Improvement Act had troubling results as “more than 6% of volunteers were found to have a criminal record of concern, including offenses like sexual abuse of minors, assaults, murder, and serious drug offenses.” With statistics like these more screening access is a necessity for these groups.

Not all background check services include items like FBI database searches in their screening packages. Clearly these services are extremely valuable, a search including just the counties that your potential hire lived in does not provide a complete report. If a potential hire fails to provide an accurate address history or the background report only checks a few of the prior residencies you won’t see a violation in another city, or state. This is where reports like the FBI Database and federal database search are invaluable to deciding on your next employee.

When using HireSafe employment background checks we utilize all the resources possible to ensure you have a complete report. Depending on the package you select many of the FBI database searches my already be included in our report! That’s why we recommend the
Essential National Profile, which includes the bar essentials to ensure a safe new employee for your business and your clients.

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