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Civil Court Records Search

Civil Record Search

A civil records search will provide information at the local jurisdiction for cases that generally involve money damages or a halt to specific types of actions or behavior.

These cases include legal court proceedings involving employment and other civil matters. Employee's civil records will show whether they were engaged in wrongful termination lawsuits, harassment, violation of contracts, or other forms of contract violation such as violation of non compete clauses, among other information.

With a civil court records search, only cases relating to employment suitability are eligible to be reported. When we search civil records for a potential employee that we can report, this includes wrongful termination, harassment, disputed contract, cases, among other civil matters.

civil court records search

Often secondary identifiers such as an address or date of birth are not routinely included in the case files. When this information is left out, it can make subject confirmation very difficult to achieve. An alternative search would be the Bankruptcy, Liens, and Judgments Report. More information.

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Federal District Civil Court Search

This search is used to identify civil cases filed at the federal level dealing with many non-criminal types of issues, such as anti-trust activity, violations of federal codes, interstate commerce, civil rights issues, land usage, debt collection, etc.

We highly recommend a Federal District Civil Court Search for screening high caliber job applicants who may have access to money or merchandise, such as potential health care providers and business associates. It can also reveal information regarding breach of contracts along with cases involving discrimination and sexual harassment.

Note: This search is often a name match only, which can make accurate verification difficult, more costly, and slower to complete.

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Common Uses

  • Used in all industries for positions with financial or management responsibilities .
  • To reveal lawsuits brought against a former employer.
  • To detect actions brought against the subject that can reflect upon their character.

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