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How to Select a Background Screening Company that is Compliant.

FCRA compliance

Compliant reporting begins with receiving compliant reports from your screening partner. As in every strata of business, there are those that are professional and know their field inside out, and then there’s everybody else.

The internet has given rise to amateurs in the background screening industry preying upon unsuspecting and trusting shoppers. There are few barriers to entry into this growing industry, however actually knowing and practicing within in a compliant and informative basis is altogether different.

Pre‐employment background screening appears to be a simple endeavor, best typified as the fa precision Swiss watch. Simple and easy to read on its; face, while inside that casing is an extremely complicated process if the desired outcome is an accurate and compliant report. For a Human Resources professional, there can be no other objective.

This is where the separation of an experienced professional and a post office box‐based operation begins. The flashy website doesn’t mean a thing… it the procedures and accuracy that are important, first and foremost.

Here are the key factors in selecting a supplier to perform any type of service on your behalf:

  1. How long have they been in business? HireSafe was established in 1997
  2. What is their history of service with the Better Business Bureau? HireSafe is rated A+.
  3. Do they hold any professional licenses or training? HireSafe is a licensed CA Private Investigative Agency (PI #25313) and is FCRA Certified.
  4. Do they belong to any professional trade associations? HireSafe was among the founding members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) in 2003.
  5. Do they send their work to third‐world countries for processing? All HireSafe research and reports are produced exclusively in the USA.
  6. Do they have an office in a commercial building? HireSafe is located in a commercial office complex.
  7. Do they provide live telephone support? HireSafe is staffed by Americans and open M‐F 8‐6 PST.
  8. Is their pricing viewable on their website? HireSafe maintains a transparent pricing policy on our website.
  9. Do they impose minimum ordering requirements or monthly access fees? HireSafe maintains a “pay‐as‐you‐go” policy with no minimums or monthly access fees.

These questions, and countless others such as attitude, will help sift the professionals from the amateurs.

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