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THC-free drug testing and cannabis industry background screening

At HireSafe we do our best to listen to our clients and bring them the products and information they need to make informed business decisions. That’s the kind of attitude that created our THC-free drug testing panel, and now our recommended screening package for the cannabis industry.

THC-free drug testing

Employers have been using our drug test panel that doesn’t include THC in all 50 states, not just the states that have legalized its recreational use. Unlike alcohol, THC can remain in your system for months after use, so a positive test doesn’t necessarily mean the potential employee was under the influence at the time. Due to this, employers may put themselves at risk by eliminating potential employees if they test positive for marijuana. Other employees see marijuana akin to alcohol, as long as employees aren’t high or drunk at work, they aren’t concerned.

You can find out all about our THC-free drug test here.

Cannabis industry background screening

While all our clients may be able to benefit by not testing for marijuana, our clients in the cannabis industry have already been holding their employees to a higher standard with employment background screening. Cannabis industry partners across the US have helped change the legal landscape with scrupulous dispensary management. According to Cannabis Business Times 10 states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreation marijuana use. You can check out their interactive marijuana legislation map on their website for more information.  

Continued deregulation across the states paired with a quickly blossoming industry has completely legitimized cannabis business ventures. These companies are rich with entrepreneurial spirit and owners, employees and their customers are thirsty for knowledge.

Conferences all over the world invite experts to speak on cultivation techniques, regulations, and business development. In fact, thousands of experts, hobbyists and cannabis business hopefuls will be meeting in Sacramento, California next week for the California Cannabis Industry Association’s 4th Annual Policy Conference. Here they will discuss a variety of topics related to the industry and its regulations in the state of California.

After speaking with many of those experts we created our cannabis industry background check recommendation. A cannabis industry background check needs to search a potential hires criminal history with expanded coverage, not just in the region they now reside. That’s why we recommend the Essential National Profile which has the best coverage of our entry level packages, along with a full range of optional searches.  

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