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Things to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Things to be thankful for

A successful business thrives off the utilization of the efficiency and efficacy of its employees. If an employee is lackluster, or worse, causing trouble within the organization; it will only impede the potential of the business itself. With employment background checks, many red flags can be avoided when looking through new applicants.

An Insight Into an Applicant’s Criminal History

An insight in an applicant’s past behavior is something that only background checks can allot to employers. Knowing that an individual isn’t prone to any violent, fraudulent and/or any other adverse behaviors is a huge relief to any interested employer.

Verifying Claimed Academic Degrees and Employment Histories

34% of all applicants’ forms contain incorrect information about experience, education and/or ability to perform essential functions on the job, so it’s no wonder that employers turn to employment background check companies to discern the lies from the truth. Academic degrees and employment histories are essential to determine if an applicant is truly qualified for the position being applied for. If an individual lies about their histories and is then hired, it could spell disaster for any business relying on that applicant’s understanding, or lack thereof, of the job.

Background Screening Uncovers the True Character of an Applicant

Most importantly, employment background checks delves into the true nature of an applicant’s character. If any individual lies to you about anything on their resume or any questions during an interview, they aren’t going to get any more honest once added to the payroll. Thankfully many background checks can help an employer gain a window of truth into applicant’s life seeing who they truly are.

Finding a great employee to add to the work staff is a gift in itself. However, adding a great employee and having full confidence in their abilities is an even greater gift and it can only come from the use of employment background checks. So if this Thanksgiving you’re wondering on a few things to be thankful for, look no further than background checks. It’s gift that only keeps on giving every time your staff becomes lined with more and more efficient and effective employees.

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