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Top 5 Background Check Trends for 2016 – #1 Background Check Compliance

Background Check Compliance

One of the top pre-employment background check trends for many businesses in 2016 will be centered on Background Check Compliance. This is due to the increase in multi-million dollar judgements against businesses that had accuracy and compliancy problems. Inaccuracies, inappropriate hiring procedures and lack of technology for pre-employment background checks have made many businesses easy targets for law suits. Businesses are finding it harder to stay compliant without the help of background check services such as HireSafe.

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To protect company assets, businesses will increase human resource budgets to avoid pre-employment background check regulatory issues. Unfortunately, some businesses have made mistakes by taking short cuts and not doing their due diligence. They have violated FCRA rules, Consent and Authorization forms and even Adverse Action compliancy to say the least. Businesses are finding out that protecting the rights of applicants is just a smart business practice.

Seeking a pre-employment background check company, such as HireSafe, is one of the best investments a business can make. It is recommended that companies choose a background check business partner that has their best interest in mind and is thorough. It is worth the time, energy and money invested to protect your brand in 2016.

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