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Top 5 Background Check Trends for 2016 – #2 Employee Background Re-Screenings

Employee Background Re-Screenings

Most of the background checks that companies conduct are for pre-employment purposes. But, what happens after that employee has been on the job for at least a year or more? So, more businesses are protecting themselves in 2016 with employee background re-screenings. A pre-employment background check is only a glimpse at what that employee has committed prior to getting hired. Businesses heading into the New Year are now taking a look at their employees’ misconduct while on the job. This is to research what might have occurred after the pre-employment background check.

Keep in mind, employee background re-screenings are not just about the criminal side of things. Re-screenings can be customized to your company requirements. For instance, companies may want to make sure certain professional licenses, certifications, driving records, credit reports, etc. are valid and up to date.

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In addition, job positions filled by baby boomers are headed towards retirement. So there is an influx of employees that are filling these positions and experiencing job promotions. Businesses are implementing background check re-screenings to employees that are being promoted. Since these promoted employees are being given additional responsibilities, companies are making sure they meet the updated background check criteria as a new applicant.

Companies that are launching background check re-screening programs in 2016, seek expert help from companies like By doing this, they are making sure their employees are compliant with industry regulations. It also assists with reducing risks associated with violence in the workplace, employee theft and so on. More and more businesses in 2016 are committed on keeping a high quality work force by conducting employee background re-screenings.

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