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Want to Hire the Best Drivers? Add Criminal History Background Checks to Your Current Driver Screening Program

Most trucking and transportation companies already have a DOT required drug testing program through a consortium or Third-Party Administrator. These manage driver’s random drug tests required by the Department of Transportation. While these programs keep drivers safe, the current screening programs used by trucking companies, delivery companies and other transportation companies that require DOT drug screening just don’t cut it when it comes to finding quality drivers.

DOT requirements include motor vehicle record checks and random drug testing. It’s important for trucking and transportation industry companies to ensure they have the basic DOT requirements but that may not be enough to stay competitive in the transportation industry. In talking to our clients we’ve found that many of them have long standing relationships with their random drug testing consortium, but they haven’t been running in depth background checks on their drivers and that has cost them. Drivers who can pass DOT requirements but have criminal records may not be an issue but by not checking for those records companies may be putting themselves at risk for litigation.

When a company fails to adequately screen a driver they may be putting their professional relationships at risk by hiring drivers with a criminal past that were able to pass motor vehicle, drug and other screening steps. Simply allowing a potential driver to bring in a DMV report may not be enough to satisfy due diligence and owners are finding it costly to continually hire poor performing and potentially dangerous employees.

That’s where criminal background checks from HireSafe come in. We offer a full suite of DOT mandated drug testing, motor vehicle records checks, Pre-Employment Screening program crash history reports and more. If your company already has a DOT approved drug testing program, we offer additional background check programs to ensure you’re hiring the best drivers. View our truck driver background check packages to sign up today, if you have any questions fill out a consultation form and we’ll get back to you with the best option for your company!

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