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Talent Acquisition Program

Elevate Communication With Potential Employees

Take control of your hiring process by utilizing automated ordering methods when using the HireSafe portal to order background checks.

Automating paper processes saves time and money, increases efficiency, and improves consistency and compliance. HireSafe offers three powerful and easy to use methods for automating your screening or hiring process. You can benefit from one or all of these tools.

HireSafe offers three communication tiers

QuickApp - Automated communication for background checks only

Included at no extra cost - Electronic authorization and disclosure forms - Accessed in the HireSafe portal

When you order a background check for your potential hire, they are sent an email to authorize the background check electronically. This QuickApp standard version is included in all HireSafe background checks. This service is appropriate for employment and volunteer screening.

The QuickApp is our default format for background screening, enabling the employer to collect an electronic disclosure and eSignature authorization form from candidates that need to be screened. The supplied compliance and notifications are specific to the location where the applicant lives. Our QuickApp format eliminates the threat of failing to comply with FCRA, state, or local notification requirements.

How does it work?

From the Order menu, select the background check package, as usual, push the QuickApp button, and input the candidate’s name and email address. The candidate will receive an email invitation explaining the process, and then the system will guide them through an electronic disclosure and authorization. When the candidate has completed the questionnaire, you will receive an email notice of completion from our screening platform, and there is nothing more you need to do. Your order is in process, and you will be notified by email when the background report is complete. The electronic disclosure and authorization forms will automatically be attached to the background report for future reference. These records are stored on our server for three years and then electronically purged.

What are the benefits?

  • Eliminate paper disclosure and authorization forms
  • Maintain FCRA, state and/or local compliance and security for sensitive applicant data
  • Avoid wasteful data-entry errors by allowing the applicant to complete their personal information
  • Increase efficiency when ordering background checks
  • Confidential Personal Identifying Information (PII) is redacted (SSN & DOB)

What does it cost?

HireSafe background check services include the QuickApp format at no additional charge!

QuickApp PRO – Custom Applications and Background Screening

The QuickApp PRO is a web-based solution for online employment or volunteer applications and other documents required in the hiring process. There are a small setup fee and a low monthly support fee for each document. The local, state, and federal Disclosure and Authorization forms are included in this service at no charge. If you are still using paper documents to collect information about job applicants or volunteers, this could be a better option.

How does it work?

HireSafe® will build employment and volunteer applications with the QuickApp PRO software based on your requirements. Each application document will have a link that can be placed on your company website or emailed to applicants. When applicants click on the link, they will begin the process of completing applications or other documents electronically. The various disclosure and authorization forms are already built into the QuickApp PRO application for complete 50 state compliance and the FCRA. The system will send an email notice of completion when a candidate completes an application form, and to you as well. Completed application documents will be accessible in the HireSafe online portal.

The best part is that the applicant enters ALL of their own personal information relevant to the screening report that you are requesting on that candidate. The QuickApp PRO's design is responsive to multiple devices and browsers, any time of the day or night.

What are the benefits?

  • Minimize paper usage and storage in the hiring process
  • Maintain FCRA, state and/or local compliance and security for sensitive applicant data
  • Increase efficiency when collecting and reviewing application documents
  • Improve the applicant experience with electronic forms
  • Manage new applicants on the HireSafe® platform
  • Seamlessly upload the applicant's online employment application in real time, ready for processing

What does it cost?

  • One-time build fee of $55.00 per custom document that you ask us to create.
  • Recurring support fee for QuickApp PRO is $15.00 per month, per custom document.